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Download OIP Connect today on your Apple or Android Smartphone.

OIP Connect

Stay Healthy With OIP Connect

In today’s 24-hour world, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could stay connected to the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania and better protect your health and well being at the exact moment you need it — without waiting for an appointment? With OIP Connect, you can! OIP Connect is a simple mobile application that’s available for download on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Start Healing Right Away

OIP Connect makes it easy to get emergency orthopedic advice and care on a 24 hour basis with just one easy tap. Stop wondering what to do when an old tennis injury flares up, or when your child twists her ankle. With OIP Connect, you can take steps to start the healing immediately — and potentially save time and aggravation down the road.

Not only can you get the emergency orthopedic advice you need at precisely the moment you need it, but OIP Connect also makes scheduling and managing appointments just a little bit easier. OIP Connect automatically enters your appointments right into your calendar. Confirm your appointment, change it, or call the office with a tap of a button. You can even locate the nearest OIP office, have directions loaded in Maps, request refills, pay your bill and contact your physician’s secretary. What could be more convenient?

Finding OIP Connect

Getting OIP Connect on your Apple or Android device is easy, fast and free. Simply visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, search for OIP Connect and download. In just a few moments you can have access to everything OIP, from learning about our practice to what to do when you break your wrist to scheduling a follow up appointment. You won’t ever forget your appointment or wonder what to do when a healing injury suddenly starts hurting more. Plus, your information stays completely confidential.

The Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania

At the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania, we help our patients feel stronger and live healthier lifestyles. We’re dedicated to providing a convenient, interactive patient experience that assures you have access to the quality care you need, when you need it. Download OIP Connect today and keep growing stronger.


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*OIP Connect is available on the App Store & Google Play as a free download.