Joint Replacement Surgeons and Solutions in Harrisburg and Beyond

Joint Replacement Surgery

Have you been told that you have arthritis? You aren’t alone. This condition is quite common, especially in adults. Arthritis can also cause debilitating pain, which eventually leads the loss of movement due to trauma to cartilage in the joints.

The good news is that our highly trained joint replacement surgeons in central PA can operate on your weakened joints, ultimately replacing arthritic cartilage with artificial parts. This process requires extreme skill, tremendous expertise and the utmost care. We’re happy to report that our central PA joint replacement surgeons perform more than 2,000 joint replacements every year, making them some of the most well-respected central PA joint doctors.

If you feel that you may require joint replacement surgery, trust your health to OIP. Call us today at (717) 761-5530 to arrange an appointment, or make an appointment using our online scheduling process. We work to provide you with a friendly, compassionate experience in a comfortable, professional environment.

Advanced Technology Has Revolutionized Joint Replacement Possibilities

Thanks to revolutionary techniques and technologies, joint replacement surgery has become safer and more effective than ever before. To take advantage of improvements in the medical field, our surgeons consistently utilize advanced technology to benefit patients and increase outcomes. Some of the improvements we’ve incorporated into our surgeries as needed include:

  • Anterior Hip Replacements
  • Minimally-invasive approaches to return patients to function.
  • Computer-navigated knee and hip replacements and knee replacement guides.
  • Partial knee replacements.
  • Gender-specific knee replacements.
  • Hip resurfacing for smoother, more comfortable joint movement.

Before surgery, your central PA joint replacement physician at OIP will discuss the best options, including what kind of replacement materials make sense for your needs. Your comfort and outcomes are the main factor in every decision, and we’ll make sure you collaborate with our team to create your treatment plan. Feel free to ask any questions along the way, and together, we’ll help you experience comfortable daily living!

You and your doctor will decide what type of implant and technology is best for your safe and swift recovery. 

Stop living with the daily pain of arthritis. Call the professionals at OIP now at (717) 761-5530 to learn more about your options for arthritis surgery in Harrisburg, central PA and beyond.