OIP: Your Fracture Care Center in Central PA

Foot and Ankle

Patients of all ages trust OIP to serve as their bone fracture treatment center in the Harrisburg area and beyond because of our conservative, patient-centric approach to medicine. Each member of our team, from our orthopedic and fracture specialists to our admittance and billing personnel, are dedicated to helping you get the bone fracture care you need to heal effectively.

Why Bone Fractures Happen to Children and Adults

Though we like to think of bones as solid and strong, they can be susceptible to breaking. Bone fractures may happen because of a wide range of stressors, including:

  • Underdevelopment of bone material – This is seen in children when the bones have not fully formed and are forced to withstand physical stressors, causing the bones to fracture.
  • Medical issues – Conditions such as osteoporosis can weaken the bones, making them more susceptible to fracturing. Malnutrition can also be a cause of weakened bones.
  • Accidents – Sometimes, a bone fracture is simply the result of a major, accidental trauma to the bone. This is often seen in car accidents and falls.
  • Sports injuries – It’s not surprising to hear that sports injuries can be a source of bone fractures. Athletes in both contact and non-contact sports may fracture a bone during practices or while competing.

How We Work With Patients

When you come to OIP’s bone fracture treatment center after your fracture has initially been addressed at an urgent care or emergency room facility, we’ll advise you on the most advantageous and responsible type of treatment to re-strengthen your bone. This may include further surgery, physical or occupational therapy and rehabilitation, and/or braces and orthotics.

For pediatric patients, we work closely with both the child and the parent. We find that our young patients enjoy working with our orthopedic and fracture specialists because they understand how to discuss bone fractures in an age-appropriate way. Our goal is to make OIP a safe place for pediatric patients to come, and to ensure that their time with us is enjoyable.

To learn more about our central PA fracture care centers, please contact us at 717-761-5530.