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Anonymous- Patient of Dr. Goltz

” Dr. Goltz was warm and approachable individual. He performed hip-replacement surgery on me which was very successful. Both surgery and recuperation went smoothly. Pain completely gone. “

Patient of Dr. Reichard

“The doctor and staff were very courteous and treated me exceptionally well. The doctor explained everything to me concerning the procedure.”


” Went to their Camp Hill office on a Saturday afternoon!! Fantastic Care!! Open 7 days a week!”


“I don’t know who will read this letter, but please understand that “state of mind” is as important part of healing as medical.

I am looking forward to a flight to Texas this spring to see my great grandson and Dr. Frankeny has given that to me.”

Lorelle L. – Patient of Dr. Boal

I feel very confident that he is honest with me concerning the injury and treatment suggested.  So very happy you are there and that you are available as you are. It is a great comfort for me knowing you are in my area if help is needed.

Anonymous- Patient of Dr. Lippe

“Have an appointment with Dr. Lippe for a consultation due to my spinal stenosis. Have narrowing in lower part of spine, so will have to have surgery to fix it. I have 100% confidence that he will do the job!”

Anonymous- Patient of Dr. Himmelwright

“I have a 15 year old daughter who was newly diagnosed with a connective tissue disease and who needs surgery to her knee as a result of weakened connection of muscles to the bone. We met with Dr Himmelwright who is phenomenal, funny, and pragmatic, and then we had the utmost pleasure of meeting with Karissa in surgery scheduling who was so kind, caring, and gentle with my daughter. She made the whole experience very positive and made my daughter (my 15yo) feel like this is all manageable! Karissa should be commended for her superior interpersonal communications skills and her excellent way with kids!”



“I want to thank you so much for all you did for me. Your kindness will never be forgotten.”

Geoff K. – Patient of Natalie Ryan, PA-C

Got me in quick, X-rays taken and was seen in under 30mins!  This would have been 2-3 hours at Holy Spirit Urgent Care in Carlisle.  Natalie was great, showed me what was going on and helped me out.  OIP is the best!!!! — Thanks, Geoff

Anonymous – Patient of Cori Davis, PA-C

“Cori was wonderful with our 11 year old son as well with both of us. She was so positive, timely, down to earth, and patient. He really reacted to her well and she answered all our questions. We were in and out of the walk-in clinic within an hour; which I thought was amazing. I could only wish every visit we take to a dr. would be this enjoyable. I will always come to OIP and never a competitor.”