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    For Employees and Case Managers

    Contact Information:

    General Calls: 844-OIP-WORK (844-647-9675)

    Joanie Helman—WC Coordinator:

    • Email:
    • Phone: 717-901-4231
    • Phone: 717-761-5530, 231
    • Fax: 717-901-9167

    24/7 Orthopedic Hotline for Orthopedic Care and Advice:

    • 855-OUCH-OIP (855-682-4647)

    Who is our Workers’ Compensation Team?

    Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to your injured employees.

    • Joanie Helman is our Workers’ Compensation Coordinator. She has more than 20 years of experience as a liaison between our providers and employers, rehabilitation nurses, case managers, etc. If you need something, Joanie can help you!
    • Barb COder is our WC Specialist.
    • Our Team of Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons representing all subspecialties relevant to worker’s compensation provide conservative and surgical orthopedic care, consistent with our Worker’s Compensation care pathways.
    • Our Interventional Pain Management team provides timely pain management injections to speed the recovery of patients. These services are provided in both our Camp Hill and Harrisburg offices.
    • Penn Rehabilitation Associates perform on-site EMG services in our Camp Hill and Carlisle offices.
    • Imaging Services Team provides digital X-ray services on site in our offices in Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Carlisle, and Hershey offices and MRI services at our Camp Hill and Harrisburg offices. Workers’ Compensation patients receive scheduling priority to ensure timely service.
    • Employers, Case Managers, Rehabilitation Nurses, Care Coordinators and our Injured Workers: We consider everyone on the same team, with the goal of returning injured workers back to health and back to productive, fulfilling work.

    Our Workers’ Compensation Mission

    To become the best provider of workers’ compensation care across all of Central Pennsylvania!

    Our Workers’ Compensation Philosophy and Approach

    To apply the Sports Medicine approach to Workers’ Compensation Care.

     In Sports Medicine, the goal is to keep the athletes safe, but return them to the field of play in as quickly as possible.  Rapid, aggressive workup that nails down the diagnosis is where it all starts.  Treatment that begins right away and that minimizes deconditioning is essential for a quick recovery.  Protocols that emphasize the overlap of recovery and rehabilitation is next…we do not wait until the injured worker is recovered from the injury or surgery to then begin rehabilitation.  The surgeries are done are a minimally invasive as possible to ensure a rapid recovery.  Rehabilitation protocols are as “sports-specific” as possible so that the athlete is ready to return to the game as quickly as possible. Throughout treatment, good communication with all stakeholders, including the athletes, their coaches, their physical therapists, and their trainers is key to ensure everyone is on the same page.

    We use the same approaches in treating our injured workers.  We treat them as athletes and not patients.  We emphasize timely diagnostics and aggressive treatment protocols.  We overlap recovery and rehabilitation.  We emphasize as minimally invasive surgery that is possible.  We emphasize to our injured workers how everyone on the team—their caretakers AND their employers, nurse coordinators, are team-mates and not adversaries who all share the goal of keeping the worker at work, and returning them to full function in a timely, but safe manner.

    Can your injured workers’ use our Orthopedic Urgent Care sites for evaluation 7 days a week?

     Yes!  Our Orthopedic Injury Clinics are available to evaluate and initiate workers’ compensation workup and care 7 days a week.  Click HERE to see available locations and hours of our urgent clinics.

    Can Employers or their injured workers call our 24/7 Hotline for Orthopedic Care and Advice?

    Yes!  Our orthopedic team will answer the phone and will direct you to the best way to have your injury evaluated.  We direct your injured workers only to the ER for emergencies.  Otherwise, we ensure that they are treated by the best provider at the best time in the best location.  Our orthopedic care and advice experts have direct access to our on-call doctors to ensure the advice given meets the high standards of care of our orthopedic surgeons. 

    What are our Care Pathways for our Workers’ Compensation Patients?

    All care is customized based upon the injured worker’s needs.  However, as much as possible, the care delivered to our patients follow the best practices as determined by evidence-based medicine and based upon expert consensus.  Care Pathways provide consistency of care ensuring efficient use of resources to provide the highest quality care. At our Applied Clinical Research Institute, we will be testing our pathways to determine what approaches allow us to improve the times by at which the injured workers return to work and to full duty.


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