Holidays bring good cheer, family and friends, presents, and exercise. Yes, exercise!


The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend 60 minutes of moderate, daily activity for kids. As you age, try 30 minutes of activity, 5 days a week, while mixing in some strength training.  That kind of movement boosts bone health, muscle mass, keeps your mind sharp, cuts the risk for major diseases like diabetes and heart disease, increases productivity, concentration, and happiness. Most importantly, it makes room for all the holiday feasting. Keep fit with some of these tips! Knock down the stress level. During this time of year, a million things call you at once.  So, stop, take a couple minutes to yourself, and move. Research shows that a 10 minute walk can boost your mood. Go outdoors! The “weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful,” and that can put anyone into hibernation mode. Bundle up; build a snowman; go sledding, ski, or ice skate.  Start small, and incorporate more activity in your everyday. Simply climb the stairs rather than jumping onto the elevator. Park further away to add extra steps. For the holidays, decorate halls, dance around the tree, even window shop at your local mall. Get creative. No free weights? Lift canned foods or water bottles instead. During holiday movie night, try a commercial break workout from this Pinterest page  Phone a friend! Motivate yourself with a set exercise time, date and someone else to join you! Family games also get everyone moving! Follow the doctor’s orders. What the doctor says, goes—especially, when you’re recovering from an injury or surgery. OIP wishes you a happy, healthy holiday!   Source: The Every Body Walks Facebook Page

Last Updated on 10/12/2017 by OIP

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