Important OIP Family of Care Provider Update

To Our Family of Care Patients:

On May 23, 2020, the seven physicians in the OIP Arlington Division, (Timothy Ackerman, William Beutler, Matthew Espenshade, John Grandrimo, Scott King, Robert Maurer and Walter Peppelman) will no longer be a part of our OIP group practice. They will become employees of a hospital-owned group at UPMC Pinnacle.

If you wish to continue care with our OIP physicians, you do not need to do anything other than continue to make your appointments with us by calling 717-761-5530.

If you are planning to follow an Arlington Division physician to UPMC, please check your insurance plan as your co-pays and coverage could be affected.

You have the right of patient freedom of choice to select the physician as you wish, and OIP is prepared to serve you and meet your medical needs.

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