In 2016, Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania joined in a partnership with Arlington Orthopedics. Effective May 23, 2020 the Arlington physicians (Drs Ackerman, Beutler, Espenshade, Grandrimo, King, Maurer and Peppelman) will join UPMC as employed physicians.

Our offices have been made aware that patients of the OIP/Arlington family of care received a letter from UPMC with misleading information about transferring records. Letters were sent to OIP patients who never received care from the departing doctors, causing confusion.

Please note that the physicians of OIP will remain independent physicians. If you wish to continue care with any of the OIP physicians, you do not need to request that your medical records be transferred to UPMC.

As always, you have the right of patient freedom of choice to select your physician as you wish, and OIP is prepared to serve you and meet your medical needs. If you would like to make an appointment with an OIP physician, please call 717-761-5530.

For almost 50 years, we’ve been an independent, locally-owned group of providers, dedicated to serving communities in Central PA. Our commitment to provide exceptional care that places the needs of our patients and their families first remains as strong today as it ever has. Over the years we have seen steady growth, and are proud that we have remained true to our roots, which are strong within the local community. Today, OIP has 8 locations, with walk-in injury clinics in Camp Hill and Harrisburg. We are a growing group of over 40 providers, and are excited to see our latest expansion through our new facility under construction in Carlisle.

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