Advanced Imaging and MRI Camp Hill

We provide advanced imaging on-site for your convenience and to improve the timeliness of your care.  MRI and digital Xray services are available to help diagnose orthopedic conditions.  We guarantee that we provide the most cost effective MRI services in the Central Pennsylvania area.  We utilize local radiologists to provide MRI interpretations. This proximity to our colleagues allows close communication to better diagnose your problems.  

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) provides detailed images of bone, muscle, tendons, ligaments and tissue. This noninvasive procedure does not use radiation or result in negative effects, making it a safe, effective diagnostic tool.

OIP offers advanced MRI technology for our patients at two of our convenient locations. Patients also given the option to have an MRI examination performed in the same office location as physician appointments and are guaranteed imagining test results within 48 hours.

 What does it mean to be an MRI Accredited Facility? Find out more with these frequently asked questions!

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Preparing for your MRI:

  • There is no special preparation needed. Plan to eat, drink and take any medications as scheduled.
  • Our professional technologists will review your paperwork and ask you several safety questions and answer any questions you may have.
  • Wear comfortable clothing without zippers or snaps. Remove all jewelry, hairpins, eyeglasses and hearing aids.
  • Examination times typically range from 20 to 30 minutes.
  • If you have young children, please make accommodations for them. Children cannot be left unattended in the office.

Although the MRI is a safe procedure, please let us know if you are pregnant, claustrophobic or experience pain when laying on your back for more than 30 minutes. We will provide a secure place to place personal items during the scan, as the magnet will damage wristwatches and erase credit cards.

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