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Orthopedic injuries aren’t always limited to the doctor’s office. If your injury has drawn you into court proceedings, insurance issues or workers’ compensation disputes, then you can turn to the team at OIP. We have earned a reputation throughout central PA as a trusted name in orthopedic care. This same expertise can be used to aid you in any legal action you may be involved in.

Forensic Orthopedics

If you are drawn into litigation due to your orthopedic injury, you may require our forensic orthopedics services. Our team of award-winning physicians has all the expertise you need for a qualified medical opinion that can be used as expert witness testimony. They provide factual evidence and opinions in a fair and impartial way.

Our Medical Legal Care Center in Harrisburg provides the legal community with a number of different services that are crucial in litigation. Some of the cases we assist include:

  • Insurance defense
  • Personal injury
  • Social security disability
  • And more

At our Medical Legal Care Center, our staff works with you to assess your needs so that our team of physicians can assist your case. Based on the patient’s injury, we assess their condition, the evidence and all information provided with professionalism and consideration. When it comes time to provide our medical opinion, we maintain our integrity with honest and objective testimony.

Medical Legal Services Provided by OIP

If you would like to take advantage of OIP’s expertise in the field of orthopedics, we’ll be able to provide you with witness testimony and assistance for many different legal proceedings. Some of the services our doctors can perform in the field of medical legal include:

  • Independent Medical Evaluations: An OIP physician will evaluate a patient who is not currently under our care to provide an unbiased assessment of the patient’s injury.
  • Chart Reviews: We assist legal professionals in assessing medical records and helping them understand the details.
  • Impairment Ratings: We perform these evaluations to determine the degree of damage that resulted from an injury or disease. Our findings can be used in litigation.

Reach out to OIP’s Medical Legal Care Center in Harrisburg

Don’t let the truth go untold. If you have orthopedic injuries and are involved in litigation, we can help you with your care. Our team will take the time to discuss the details of your case and provide you with the services you need. We ensure our testimony will be fair and accurate.

Please contact our Medical Legal / Forensic Orthopedics team in Harrisburg at 844-633-3825.


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