Udder-pedic Cow


Biruta Akerbergs Hansen, artist of OIP’s sponsored Fiberglass Udder-pedic cow stopped by to sign her name on the cow and meet with Dr. Dahl for a photo op. The Udder-pedic cow provides a glimpse into the anatomy of a bovine by showing the skeleton (with artificial joints) as if an x-ray had been taken of it. The cow was sold in a live auction, which took place on June 26, 2004 at the Harrisburg Farm Show.

OIP proudly displays the cow at our Camp Hill office in the vestibule of our main entrance. Be sure to stop by and check it out.



To view other cows, check out the Harrisburg Cow Parade website at: http://harrisburg.cowparade.com. 

Last Updated on 11/30/2021 by OIP

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