Flu Season


What do flu season and orthopedics have in common?  More than you might think!

OIP is concerned not only with your bone health, but with your general well-being. Even more than that, is the connection that a viral infection can have on orthopedic problems.  If you are scheduled for any surgery, a fever (common with the flu) will certainly delay your procedure.

If you have just had a procedure, the effect of the flu on your immune system can delay your healing.  If a family member has the flu, they will be unable to help care for you or visit you while you recover from your orthopedic ailment.  If your surgeon gets the flu, your surgery may be delayed!

Common sense and attention to your environment are key.  Get a flu shot. Wash your hands.  If any contact with someone who is sick, wash your hands again.  When in a public place, avoid or sanitize surfaces that many other people touch: shopping carts, banisters, handles.  Keep hand sanitizer with you.

Stay alert and stay healthy.

Last Updated on 10/12/2017 by OIP

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