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Advanced, Patient-Centered Shoulder Pain Treatment in Central PA

Despite being one of the most complex joints in the body, a large percentage of shoulder problems can be corrected with conservative treatment options.

OIP understands that it can be difficult when your shoulder isn’t functioning normally. At our shoulder pain treatment clinic in central PA, we offer the most technologically-advanced solutions to address your most common shoulder-related issues.

The main shoulder problems we treat include impingement with bursitis or rotator cuff tendon tears, instability and arthritis. While there are many other causes of pain and disability related to the shoulder, these common problems are evaluated and treated by our physicians.

How Shoulder Injuries Happen

Shoulder injuries can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Overuse injuries — These are often seen in people who repeatedly use their shoulder for a single motion. Over time, the shoulder is damaged from the constant force placed upon it.
  • Sports injuries — Athletes, both recreational and professional, are quite familiar with many shoulder problems, such as injuries to the rotator cuff.
  • Accidents and falls — Being in a vehicular accident, or experiencing a fall at home or at work, can injure the shoulder.
  • Age — Some people are more susceptible than others to shoulder problems as they get older. These may include people who are taking certain medications, or people who are not getting the nutrition they need.

Regardless of why a shoulder injury occurs, you should see a shoulder pain treatment specialist in central PA to determine the best course of action.</p

Understanding Your Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

Conservative treatments cure a large percentage of shoulder problems. Therefore, the treatments we recommend for patients are often less invasive than patients may originally assume. These treatments can include:

  • Rest — Resting the shoulder area can often be a huge benefit to patients. Although it can be difficult to avoid putting stress on the shoulder, many shoulder injuries will be able to heal themselves over time. However, please note that not all shoulder issues will completely recover after rest — some will require other methods of treatment.
  • Physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation exercises — Because the stability of the shoulder is so dependent on muscle and tendon function, simple exercises can often be performed to improve shoulder stability and decrease the degree of impingement.
  • Medications or injections — Arthritis of the shoulder can be treated conservatively with activity modification, gentle exercises, medications supplements or injections.
  • Minimally-invasive surgical procedures — We also offer arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures to treat most forms of instability, impingement and rotator cuff tears.

Sometimes, more assertive treatment is needed due to the severity of the shoulder injury. If conservative treatment approaches fail, partial, complete or reverse shoulder replacements, rotator cuff surgery or other types of shoulder surgery in central PA can be performed once all treatment options have been exhausted. When patients need to go this route, we take the time upfront to explain the process, as well as work with the patient’s healthcare insurance provider to determine the covered costs associated with the treatment plan.

Trust Us for the Most Responsible, Reliable Shoulder Pain Treatment in Harrisburg, Camp Hill & Beyond

Whether your shoulder problem is due to injury, overuse or general wear and tear, our physicians have the tools to provide treatment for your shoulder pain and your injury. We promise to work with you to get your health back to where it should be.

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